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We supply the following services:

Technical TranslationTechnical Translation

All fields of technical translations, by translators who are familiar with the subject and the technical vocabulary used in the professional field.

Our translators are experienced in a number of fields and have a wide knowledge obtained as technicians, engineers, and employees in manufacturing and hi-tech.
We are well furnished with the latest technical dictionaries on a large number of technical subjects.

  This enables us to ensure translation which meet the highest standards.

Within this area of technical translations we handle a variety of formats such as:

  • Operating manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Procedures
  • Quality Assurance Instructions
  • Assorted technical materials and articles

Translation of Internet SitesTranslation of Internet Sites

Does your Internet site reach big enough audiences?

This is the time to translate your site into other languages.  At Mishmar Haemek Translations we are able to translate your site into English, Russian, French, Spanish and other languages to which you might want to target your products.  Translation to other languages will open a new world of possibilities of exposure to your site for those who speak the language. Among the sites which we have translated are those for tourism, wineries, hostels in Israel hotels and other sites dealing with agricultural tourism.


The following are some of the sites we have translated into English and/or Russian

Haela Tours
El Carmel – Druse Hospitality
A house in Kfar Kisch
Ofir Honey
Villa Galilee Hotel
Tasty Trips
Adir Vinery
Galil Mountains Vinery
Hotel Beit Oren
Olive oil from Kibbutz Magal
A place in Segera
Zimmer’s Olive Grove
Zimmer Pinat-Noy
Villa Carmel

Business TranslationBusiness Translation

Do you have a business? Are you a businessman?
Are you interested in reliable translation?
At Mishmar Haemek Translations we can provide you with professional translations, We provide personal treatment, trust and speed and of course maintain secrecy. Mishmar Haemek Translations business translations include: Presentations, business programs, bulletins, price proposals, reports and company profiles. You can be sure that your material is be translated by the best translators in the field. For business translations we also work with companies having branches throughout the world.

For our business customers list press here

Medical TranslationMedical Translation

Like other areas of translation, medical translation requires professional and accurate knowledge but in contrast to them there is no room for mistakes since often the translated information may save lives. This fact makes it important, that the translator being an excellent command of the medical terminology, and know the target language as a mother tongue. Our translators of medical material have these skills. We also translate texts related to the medical area such as instruction for medical instrumentation, articles from medical journals, medical certificates and Doctors medical diagnosis for legal purposes.

Document and Various TextsDocument and Various Texts

In addition to the abovementioned we translate documents, certificates and various other type of text.  By means of translation it is possible to reach a greater target audience. In this area we translate:  Curriculum Vitae, Presentations, Birth Certificates and all type of personal documents.