Mishmar Haemek Translations was founded in 1995 by Jerry Cantor who finished up 30 years of work at Motorola Israel and at the Israeli Aircraft Corporation as technical writer and manager of their Engineering Publication Departments.

His vision was that the Hebrew language would serve as a useful aid to the developing Israeli technology. That technical materials found in all types of technical formats in various foreign languages would be translated and made available to the Hebrew reader in a clear and readable form and that technical materials written in Hebrew would be well written and easily translatable into the major foreign languages’

From its establishment and to this day Mishmar Haemek Translations has been engaged in the translation of material for a wide range of technical areas and business, medical and Internet sites.  These translations, both from foreign languages to Hebrew and from Hebrew to other languages, are of high quality and at reasonable prices and are provided with courteous and efficient service.

Mishmar Haemek has 17 years of technical translation experience.  We have a number of experienced translators available to cover any of our customer’s needs.

Values of Our Company

Since the establishment of the company Mishmar Haemek has been guided by the following principles:

  • Professionalism – appointing the appropriate translator for the subject required and working in cooperation with the customer to meet his exact needs.
  •  Flexibility – Matching the final products to the special requirements of the customer.
  • Trust and honesty – Taking care to maintain honest business practice and relations of trust by mutual conversations and standing firmly behind our obligations as a company providing services.